Bramble Cuttings Mooring Extension 4th-6th March

bc1When Dreamsong, Celtic Dawn, Lyndsey Jane & Eden Keel arrived on Thursday 3rd  March CRT had already unloaded some sacks of materials.

A hopper was there with more timber, stone, grit sand and cement. The site, after heavy rain, was absolutely waterlogged, with puddles over several parts, and water running out from under the steps.

Friday 4 th March Peter & Judy (Keeping Up Too) arrived and the 2 gazebos were erected.

Jim & Lionel passed on a tug with a cement mixer, they said they would be back shortly after delivering another hopper to another job.

bc2We endured sleet, snow and rain as we started to get organised. Because of a weight limit on the hopper we had to unload some more bags of materials before we could start sandbagging. Even though the numbers were down compared with other working parties we soon got up to speed with the mixer at one end of the hopper and ‘the team’ working at the other end of the hopper. Poor Jim (CRT) was stood in the cold water placing the sandbags while Lionel helped the team by feeding the mixer with the required materials.

We made good progress before lunch time. We all had hot dogs with onions. The break was short as it was too cold to just stand around, but it gave Jim a break from the cold water.

When we had emptied the hopper we moved the cement mixer onto land and started to use the sacks that had been put onto the bank. Again we made good progress.

Everyone worked hard despite the wet and cold weather. We finished early to dry out and to have hot showers. Lionel and Jim used the tug as a water taxi to go back to Middlewich.

Saturday 5 th March Everyone was up and ready by 8.30am. Lionel and Jim arrived by tug and were back to sand- bagging on land again. Jeff Smith (CRT) paid us a visit to check progress. It was hot dogs again for lunch with soup to keep spirits up.

bc3We ran out of stone early in the afternoon, the remaining bags of grit sand and cement were placed in the ‘hippo bags’ ready to be stored on site. Jim started to plan the installation of the timbers for Phase 2 of the mooring extension. We cut the pointed ends onto the posts before they were hammered in by Lionel; he was very good on the sledge hammer, obviously years of training.

The water was deeper for Jim who had to move around in the deeper cold water, with the silt under his feet he described it as walking through treacle/glue. Some of the planks were nailed to the posts. That was it for the day the weather had been dryer for us and we were back in our boats before it rained again.

Sunday 6 th March Again it was an 8.30am start. Celtic Dawn left shortly after breakfast for a social engagement being Mothering Sunday. The task for the day was to fix the remaining planks to the posts in the deep sections of the mooring extension. It was too deep to nail them directly to the posts, Jim had forgotten his scuba diving kit so two, or in some parts, three planks were nailed together then fastened to the posts. All that remained was to knock the posts in near the tree at the far end of the mooring extension; this was awkward because of the tree roots that kept getting in the way. The problem was solved and the famous orange netting was fastened in place.

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